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The single parent residential "pod" is designed for eligible single parents with one child. The program was developed to support student nurses’ academic and economic needs.

The "pod" is one section of the four residence wings and is comprised of five individual parent/child/bathroom combinations, and a common kitchen and living room area.

It is only available to nursing applicants who meet the criteria of the Audrey Snyder Single Parent Program.

Students who wish to be considered for the Audrey Snyder Single Parent Program must:

  • Interview with the Dean
  • Be a single parent of one child between the ages of five and ten
  • Meet academic requirements for enrollment.

Upon acceptance into the program, students are required to attend an orientation to familiarize them with the program and housing expectations.

Tuition and housing provided by financial aid and scholarships.

NOTE: Effective May 2017, there currently are vacancies in this “pod” (wing of the residence facilities) for the Fall 2017 Semester. 


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